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Banyuwangi Tour – 5 Days 4 Nights

  • Destination: Banyuwangi
  • Duration: 5 days

Banyuwangi is located at the easternmost end of the Indonesian island of Java. It serves as a port between Java and the island of Bali. One Banyuwangi native group is the Osing community which has a Hindu culture although they can be considered as a Javanese sub-ethnic group. They live mainly in the central part of Banyuwangi and they sometimes consider themselves as Majapahit descendants. Other groups are Javanese (living mostly in the south and west), Madurese (mainly in the north and coastal area) and Balinese (scattered but more concentrated in the east). Other smaller groups include Chinese, Buginese, and Arabs.

The beauty of nature is spread across Banyuwangi from the west to the east. Mountains, forests and beaches mark the landscape of the regency. For instance, Ijen Crater, in the western part of Banyuwangi is famous for its beautiful crater lake, the traditional sulfur miners who amazingly climb up and down the slope of Mount Merapi, and the plantations that cover the Crater’s slope. The National Park of Meru Betiri is famous for its Java Tiger and turtles. These locations form the center of the Tourism Developed area which is called the Diamond Triangle, which connects one Tourism Object to another.

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Day 1 - 2

Day 1 Arrive at Banyuwangi  (S)

Arrive at Banyuwangi

Check in hotel and free program


Day 2: Ijen – Sukamade  (B)

Go to ijen to see “blue Fire” at 12.00 midnight (optional)

Go to ijen crater at 4 Am (if you don’t want to see blue fire)

Ijen exploration

Start the adventure to Sukamade

Chek in and rest

At 8 Pm safari night, see mommy turtle lying eggs

Day 3

Sukamade Genteng  (B)

5 Am go to the beach release baby turtles

Go to twin bay (peacefull bay and green bay)

Go to Genteng

Chek in hotel and rest

Day 4

Alas Purwo Exploration (B)

Pura Giri Selaka (Pura in the deep of the jungle)

Tringgulasi beach

Sadengan (habitat of buffalo)

Plengkung Beach (G-Land)

Go to Baluran National Parl

Check in and rest

Day 5

Baluran National PArk  (B)

Bama Beach Sunrise

Jungle trekking/canoing/snorkeling (optional)

Adventure to savanna

End of the program, see you next trip….



  • 4 night twin share accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Mineral Water and snack
  • transport
  • 4×4 car for the adventure
  • Tour leader
  • Professional tour driver
  • Local guide at Ijen Crater
  • Ranger
  • Excursion to Ijen
  • Excursion to Sukamade
  • Excursion to Alas Purwo
  • Excursion to Baluran
  • Sales Tax


  • Personal Expenses
  • Additional visit out of itinerary
  • Free programs
  • Personal Tour Insurance

Banyuwangi Tour – 5 Days 4 Nights


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